Self Care can be as easy as 5 mindful minutes

This doesn’t have to be your meditation practice.Sometimes we have an image of what something should look like or feel like, and then we don’t try it. Meditation is a good example of this, because we think if we we can’t do it right, then there is no point in starting. Meditation is so beneficial to quiet a racing mind, it’s great to be able to reduce stress, help you sleep at night, even just become more present in what’s happening in your life.If you want to try something that will help get you started then try this simple practice below,Find a quiet place to either sit or lay down 🙏🏻 sitting in a chair 🪑 is perfect. As relaxed as you can I want you to close your eyes, then take a deep breath in for four seconds, then hold it in for four seconds, then blow it out for four seconds, and then hold it out for four seconds.Repeat this for times and then write in the comments about how you feel after you do this practice. Box breathing is one of the most simplest forms of being able to calm the mind relax the body and forget about everything else going on in your world.This practice is going to take you less than five minutes and if you really honest if you don’t have five minutes for yourself then you need to re-evaluate.#selfcare#meditation#resilience

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