Resilience Beyond Contemplation!

Well it’s time to step up and finish my book and send it off to the publishers. I have completed chapter 1, chapter 2 and the Introduction so it’s certainly making great progress.

I’m scared 😬I’m excited 😄I’m ready ❤️💜and I’m feeling uncertain but I know its time to do this.

I have a number of books planned and will be completing the first one by 30th January 2021 🙏I have the following titles to share with you and hope that you can take the time to support me in my challenging times of writing and get excited as I progress through each chapter. I’m certain you will be entertained!

• Resilience Beyond Contemplation (Book1)

• Resilience in Action (Book 2)

• Resilience in Business, the entrepreneurs journey

• Resilience family style

• Resilience Mastery

Whilst the titles may evolve and change as the writing become clearer. I’ll provide anecdotes about my experiences and key strategies to implement for yourself (the reader). I’ll share some of the content in my podcasts just to give you a taste of what’s to come. Those that have joined the private group will receive a signed copy of each of the books and other great giveaways along the way. ✍️More importantly you will be highly amused by my very vulnerable and sometimes crazy journey along the way. 🙃If you are interested in pre purchasing a copy let me know in the comments.

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